Japanese Cat Names

Japanese Cat Names

Majority of cat owners like putting a bit of creativity to their cat names. Unfortunately, getting a good name takes creativity, patience and time. It is not as easy as just grabbing an idea from thin air. The cat name should be interesting, unique and in some way specific to your cat. One of the perfect means of getting a good name for your pet is looking from foreign languages. Japan is one of the countries that has worshipped cats for decades. It is a paradise of cat lovers with some islands entirely inhabited by cats. Whether you love Japanese culture, you have Japanese ancestry, or you want an interesting name, Japanese cat names are excellent for your new cat pet. Here is a look at the top and most popular Japanese cat names.

  1.      Yuki

The names mean snow. It is hence a right choice for cats with white snow fur of either gender.

  1.      Minto

This is the Japanese word for mint. There are no mint green cats in Japan, but there is a tendency of naming their pets after foodstuffs. Other common Japanese foodstuff names for your kitty include; Miruku (milk), Haru (spring), Kurumi (walnut), Chobi and Kinako. Kinako refers to cinnamon like seasoning obtained from roasted soybean powder.

  1.      Reo/Leo

This refers to a lion or big cats. You would probably love to name your cat after the jungle king.

  1.      Tama

Tama means a ball and is mostly used as a metaphor to refer to the shape of curled cats when sleeping. The fact that Tama is the name of the family cat in the favorite Sazae-san anime has given this name a boost.

  1.      Maru

Maru also means the curved cat connotation referred to by Tama.

  1.      Hime

This name refers to a princess and hence mostly used to name cute female cats.

  1.      Azuki

It is the Japanese name for sweet beans which leaves everything better.

  1.      Sakura

Sakura means cherry blossoms. After all, cats and cherry blossoms are a perfect combination.

  1.      Tora

Some of the kitties look like tigers with brown and greyish stripes. If you love wild animals, this name is one of the best for your cat.

  1.  Kotetsu

Kotetsu or small iron is a minuscule but tough name that is very popular. The name is mostly given to male cats who seems tiny yet tough.

  1.  kai

The meaning of the word goes around masculinity making it a perfect cat name for your male cat.

  1.  Hana

Hana means flower. It is a popular name in Japan, especially for female cats.

  1.  Kuro

Though most people consider black cats as a sign of bad luck, their Japanese name gives them plenty of love.

  1.  Momo

Momo means peach and emerges to be the most famous cat names in Japan

  1.  Chibi

Chibi means tiny and is mostly used to name little kitties.

  1.  Sora

This is a funny name meaning the sky.

  1.  Kouta

The name refers to peace and should hence be used on cool cats.

  1.  Dai

Dai means great or large. It is ideal for bigger cats.

  1.  Mami

The names mean loveliness and are perfect for your lovely cat.

  1.  Tomomi

A cat pet is a close friend, and you would like to name it Tomomi meaning a friend.

Japanese Boy Cat Names

Some of the lovely male cats’ Japanese names include;

  •         Akira- means bright and attractive
  •         Akihiko- a brilliant prince
  •         Hiroki- means ample joy
  •         Ayumu- refers to a vision or a dream
  •         Ichiro- refers to a firstborn son
  •         Jiro- this great name refers to the second born son
  •         Daisuke- a prominent help
  •         Youta- sunshine
  •         Takumi- means artisan or artist
  •         Taki-this name means shining with glory and radiance
  •         Naoki- very honest and strong
  •         Yukio-means, a blessed hero
  •         Masa- refers to the truth
  •         Hotana-this beautiful name means tall as a grain
  •         Isamu- this refers to a bold and brave thing
  •         Haruka- the name means distant and hence perfect for cats that are always daydreaming

Japanese Girl Cat Names

If you have a female cat, there are plenty of beautiful Japanese names to give your cute pet. Some of these include;

  •         Fumiko- means a sexy and beautiful kid
  •         Asuka- refers to pleasant fragrance or perfume
  •         Izumi- a spring or fountain
  •         Chika- this cute name refers to scattered flowers
  •         Yua- it means long lasting and strong love
  •         Noriko- refers to an obedient and lawful person
  •         Mana- it means love
  •         Kimiko – means an honorable child
  •         Tamiko- refers to a beautiful and attractive creature
  •         Yuki- it simply implies happiness
  •         Hikari- it means light or radiance
  •         Yoshie- it is a gorgeous stream
  •         Kyrinnia- refers to a shining pal
  •         Chie- it simply means wisdom and is perfect for a calm and wise looking kitty
  •         Rin- refers to a dignified creature
  •         Kyoko- it means to respect, and several cats are respectable

Japanese Cartoon Cat Names

For cartoon lovers, one of these names might be a good fit for your kitty.

  1.   Afro Ken. This cute dog character has a rainbow afro and is always happy. According to its huge popularity in Japan, you may love to name your pet after it.
  2.   Mario. It originates from a cartoon character in Nintendo gaming that was created by a Japanese game designer known as Miya moto.
  3.   Totoro. The character originates from the movie animation of My Neighbor Totoro. It is cute, silent and furry and most Japanese kids consider it as their role model.
  4.   Doraemon. This is a robotic cat with its animation series in Japan. It is quite a celeb in Japan.
  5.   Jiji. Jiji is a black and beautiful cat character in the movie animation known as Kiki’s delivery service.


It is easy to see why these names made it to the list. These are the best Japanese cat names if you are searching for an exciting and unique cat name that is nonspecific. The Japanese language has many beautiful names that would be ideal for your cat. We hope this article has helped you get a fantastic name that interests you for your cat.