Japanese Style Bed

Top 8 Japanese Style Bed

When it comes to your home, you want to increase elegance as well as comfort. One way to do this is by buying furniture from a variety of styles. You’ll get beds with designs based on ideas from different countries. Note that, various designs will have their unique features and the way they keep your house attractive.

Among the best models, you can pick from the market is the Japanese Style Bed. These furniture and mattress types are available in a variety of designs. They also feature different manufactures and therefore giving the customers a wide range to make a selection. With such situations, it turns out challenging for the buyer to purchase the best Japanese Style Bed in the market.

Considering the challenge, we devoted our time researching for the best Japanese Style Bed you can purchase from the market. The style beds presented in this list come from reputable designers, and made of sturdy materials. The styles will not only increase the levels of comfort in your sleep but also come with enhanced beauty of your home. We advise that you read through the whole list if you’re willing to learn more about the Japanese Style Bed.

Stella Modern Metal Japanese style bed

Stella Modern Metal Japanese style bed

Another Japanese style bed design that you can pick is the Stella Modern metal frame. Some of its unique features include;

  •        It comes with dimensions of 76” long x 54” wide x 9” depth. Such dimensions will perfectly fit a standard bedroom and leave you room for morning exercises.
  •        Sturdy Structure: the slats consist of thick wood pieces while the frame features a metal building. That makes the style strong enough to hold any mattress. Its design ensures even distribution of your body weight, giving you a comfortable sleep.
  •        Increased beauty: The bed style is attractive to the eyes and gives a contemporary appeal to any bedroom.
  •        The structure is suitable in almost all your rooms including; guest rooms, loft living, studio apartments, modern room designs as well as the minimalist room designs.
  •        Guaranteed customer satisfaction: with this style bed, you got a guarantee of a lifetime satisfaction.
  •        It also features easy to assemble features; therefore, you don’t have to hire an expert to fix it for you.
  •        The style also features a height that is perfect for you to crib in and out without the need to put on much effort.

Modway Aveline Japanese Style Bed

Modway Aveline Japanese Style Bed

Among the essential features that make this Modway Aveline Japanese bed a perfect choice include;

  •        The furniture features a twin rated mattress that comes with quality memory foam support and comfort at a price that you can afford. The bed helps you reduce the pressure around the spine, neck, and head. As a result, it also helps to do away with tension around your shoulders, lower back, and hips.
  •        The twin rated mattress is also CertiPur-US certified. That ensures the bedding is free of heavy metals, TDCPP, PBDEs and is flame retardant. The certification also ensures that the mattress is low on the VOC. It means that you can consider the mattress health-risk free.
  •        The 6” gel infused top layer of the memory foam gets proper ventilated to bring in a cooling effect. Therefore, you stand a chance of enjoying your sleep with no sweats. Such makes the bed comfortable to sleep on during both the hot and cold temperatures.
  •        Modway Aveline Japanese Style Bed features more than 98% customer satisfaction. Statistics show that most of their first-time buyers tend coming back for more. In addition to this, the bed comes with a 10-year warranty. Such a guarantee assures the customers that the product features high-quality expectations.

D & D Cotton/Foam/Fiber Futon Furniture

D & D Futon Furniture

D & D is also another perfect option that you can consider picking from the stores. These are some of the best features that the futon features;

  •        The bedding features a black color that blends well with the decorations in your house in a perfect way. It, therefore, reduces cases of you redecorating the colors you already have in your home.
  •        The futon mattress also comes with dimensions of 80” long x 30” wide x 3” thick. The size can fit in most of your house’s rooms.
  •        The making of the mattress does also feature 90% cotton in its content. That reduces chances of coming with harmful materials in its making including the heavy metals.
  •        The bedding is also easy to maintain. All it needs you to do is buy a mattress cover. In this way, you’re able to keep the mattress off dust and the only thing you’ll have to clean is its cover. You also need to keep it out or near a window for proper airing. That is a technique enough to keep you off the bacterial infections and diseases.

The Manhattan Queen Bed Frame

The Manhattan Queen Bed Frame

Next on the list is the Manhattan Japanese style bed, which comes with a variety of suitable features including;

  •        It fits a variety of queen size mattresses. Therefore, you can consider picking on the size that fits the mattress you have at home.
  •        It features thick wood slats that are strong enough to offer support for your body weight. The slat making does away with the need to have a box spring. In this way, it helps to prolong the life of the mattress.
  •        The frame comes with a modern making that enables it to fit in any of your rooms. As a result, you don’t have to worry about chances of redesigning your bed for the frame to fit in well.
  •        It comes with full frames that makes it soft to touch and also helps to increase comfort while asleep.
  •        The bed frame does also come with an ebony-colored leather coat that easily complements with your house decorations and therefore eliminates the need to repaint the walls.
  •        The simplified design makes it easy to have DIY when assembling or reassembling the frame.

EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress bed

EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress bed

If you’re looking for a product imported directly from Japan, the EMOOR style will be a perfect choice for you. The futon mattress bed features simple techniques most of which consists of the essential futon series. Some of its unique features include;

  •        The bedding comes at a reasonable price giving every customer a chance to enjoy sound sleep at reasonable charges.
  •        The Futon comes at a 2.5” thickness, covered with a firm polyester padding, sandwiched with a soft filling. The bed is firm enough but not hard. It’s a perfect choice for those who have back pains.
  •        The outer fabric is 100% cotton making sure that the futon is health risk-free.
  •        The bedding measures 39” x 83” and therefore can easily fit any rooms in your house.

Caution: note that this type of Japanese style bed is the non-washable type. The advice here is that you consider using a bed cover. In this case, you can wash the cover only when dirty. It’s the perfect way to ensure that you keep the bedding clean.

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Oriental Furniture Queen Tatami Mat

Another style that you can consider the best is this Queen Tatami mat. It comes with a variety of measurements based on the various queen-size beds are in the market. Such include; 31.5” x 78.7” Euro Queen Mat, and the 30” x 80” U.S. queen mats. However, when purchasing the mat, you should make sure to purchase in pairs so as the width of the mat is usually half that of the bed. The mat comes with a variety of features that helps it to increase the beauty in your home. These include;

  •        The construction of the mat features the strong Japanese Rush Grass. It also has a double layer on its top that helps to enhance extra protection.
  •        Its strength and durability get enhanced by rice straws filled with cooked rice. Such helps the mat to last for a longer time.
  •        The mats get sewn using a black fabric border and get bound with twine. Such increases the beauty of the mat and therefore the elegance in your house.
  •        The foundation of the mat features a moisture resistant barrier, keeping it from destruction by the waters.

Matisse Fujian Modern bed

Another great option that you can consider selecting is this Matisse Fujian bed design. The bed features clean lines with two night stands on its sides. Among its great characteristics include;

  •        The bed frame and the nightstands construction features strong hardwood making. That makes the bed strong enough to offer you enough support and comfort while asleep.
  •        It also features an espresso color finishing that complements easily with other colors in your house. The color is also attractive and helps to increase the beauty at your home.
  •        The bed is 26” high and therefore, you don’t need a lot of effort to crib. Also, it measures 91” long x 90” wide and therefore can fit in a variety of your house rooms. That makes it a suitable bed for you.
  •        The bed does also feature a chest drawer and a dresser for you to pack some of your stuffs. It’s a perfect design that you can pick for your bedroom, guest room, modern room designs, or even the minimalist room designs.
  •        The product does also come with a manual to follow and help you do a DIY in assembling the bed.

Note that, the frame is perfect for the king bed mattresses.

BioPEDIC Japanese Fiberbed

Last on our list is this BioPEDIC Fiberbed design bedding. Among the essential features that make this Japanese style bed unique include;

  •        The bedding comes with dimensions of 75” long x 54” wide. Therefore, it easily fits in most of your house rooms.
  •        The making of the cushion consists of 100% cotton, and consequently, it is free of health-risk materials.
  •        It also features gusseted sides that ensure the user receives an end to end support. The cover gets boxed stitched and features a baffled interior that provides a smooth sleeping surface. That helps to increase the user’s levels of comfort when asleep.
  •        The bedding structure ensures that it lasts for an extended period and therefore offers extended services.

These are a few of the best Japanese style bed designs that you’ll find in the market. You can use the links attached to each product for a chance to learn more about the shipment requirement and means. You can also use the links to check on the prices.

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Factors to consider when selecting the best Japanese style bed

When you go purchasing these style beds designs, there is a variety of factors that you should consider. These include;

Durability: if you’re buying a mattress or a bed frame, you need to think how long it’ll last. Go for frames that get made of durable woods or metals. For the mattress, pick ones that are firm enough to withstand damages.

Cotton made mattresses and beddings: you also want to make sure you purchase a bed that is health-risk free. The best thing is to make sure that you select one that is 100% cotton.

Colors: if you buy a bed frame or a mattress, pick a color that easily complements with your wall and furniture décor. A contrasting color will make your room less attractive and appealing.

The size: always pick a size that comfortably fits in your house rooms. Also, if it’s bedding you are buying, choose one that fits in the bed frame you have and the vice versa. Such will help reduce the possible cost of product return for exchange.

Product warranty: check if the product comes with a product warranty. Products that feature a warranty mean that they are of high quality.

Final Verdict

If you need a Japanese style bed, now you have a list of only the best. Consider going through the characteristics of each and make a decision. However, pay attention to the buyers guide for a chance to make a perfect order. I hope that you find this text helpful in your purchase process.