First Smell of Spring

smell of spring 1
smell of spring 2
Sprint is finally here! It's close to 60 degrees out in VT! We open up the windows, cleaned our house and everything is fresh! I've noticed little green patches on the grass...Goma and Kuma are both so excited to feel the fresh wind and sun! I love Spring.


Goma Turns 7 Today

Today is Goma's birthday!! He is 7 years young now! He is officially grumpy old man cat haha! It was 7 years ago when Goma inspired me to do this blog and look we created so many memories and friends over the years! I love every minute I spend with Goma and I hope many many years more to come... I love you so much Goma!!
Happy Birth Day 2014
Happy Birth Day 2014-2

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