Kitty Sled

kitty sled
We have a new toy in town! Kitteh sled!! We slide around the carpet today and we had fun! Cardboard box is truly one of the best cat toy.


Catification Complete. Cat Shelf Installed.

Goma and Kuma has won recent Hausepanther Climbing high contest hosted by ContempoCat. The deal was that we will win 4 of wall shelves. We choose to get round steps and finished installing them yesterday! I hope Jackson galaxy and Kate from hausepanther are proud of me!
Look at Goma! He is so proud and happy on top of the shelf! Building a cat shelves are great way to utilize your wall space as well as giving indoor cats a place to play. Cats are like humans, they need some space for their own and entertainment! Kuma unfortunately, needs more time to explore them...he got really scared and jumped when I put him on top of it....since then he doesn't go near it. I think you need to introduce them slowly...
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