Drinking Better Green Tea

A Beginner’s Guide to Drinking Better Green Tea

Green tea is gaining tremendous popularity worldwide. While black tea is more prevalent in Europe and America, green tea is the fancy tea in the east. Some of the reasons for the increased popularity of green tea are the marketing praises that it is effective in fighting cancer, losing weight, and smoothening the skin. However, green tea is not a specific drink; it is a broad category with lots of junk between you and the excellent quality stuff. Here is an exclusive look at a beginner’s guide to drinking better green tea.

What Is Going Green?

Similar to bananas and avocados, tea leaves begin to change from its original color green to brown immediately it’s plugged out of the main plant. This is referred to as oxidation. If the process continues unrelieved, the tea leaves become completely oxidized, giving the rounded astringency and malty flavor of black tea from the oxidation enzymatic activity.

To make green tea, the oxidation process must be stopped as soon as possible. Stopping of oxidation can be achieved by either pan-frying oven roasting, or steaming the leaves. This helps to retain the tea freshness and flavor.

Based on research from Liquid Image, green tea is available in all grades and price ranges. In the Asian mark, it gets expensive fast upwards for pried varieties because the customer demand and know-how are both high. Higher grade greens are usually sweeter and more romantic but less far less bitter. The flavors are balanced with a smoother rounder sip. Premium green tea grades provide balance, unparalleled freshness, complexity, and unique sweetness. Tea bags will not offer any of this.

Good Greens to Know

One of the essential things to know when looking for green tea is that it does not last. Despite the modern airtight nitrogen-based packaging that is mostly used for Japanese greens, the clock starts to tick immediately you open the package. So, when you purchase your tea, make sure to drink it fast within some months while it is still fresh and with the best fragrance. Here are some of the greens to look for from japan and china, the countries that make green tea than any other.


Sencha is the Japanese prototypical green tea.it manufactured by steaming freshly picked leaves to stop oxidation. This results in saline, savory character with a subtle bitterness adding a pleasant balance fragrance of melon and pine with a sweet grassy flavor. Lightly steamed sencha brews a yellow, bright, and fresh scent. Another new style of sencha i.e., Fukamushi, is heavily steamed, resulting in a cloudier, darker brew with a savorer bolder taste. Both Japanese greens are worth sampling across the price ranges.


Laoshan teas are heavy hitters. The best Laoshan greens exhibit a creamy, buttery smooth texture with a refreshing spring peas taste. This style of green tea is popularly grown in Shandong Province in China and has one of the most valuable flavor, texture, and aroma. The taste exemplifies buttermilk biscuits and super-refreshing spring peas.


Genmaicha is a low-grade sencha bulked up with sorghum and rice for a toasty scent. However, Genmaicha lacks high-grade soft sweetness, and sticky body, its dynamic and strong character makes it an excellent alternative to coffee. It’s also more satisfying after a post-meal.


Bilochun is also a famous, less expensive Chinese green. It has a more fragrant and less nutty with more of a vegetable feel that reminiscences steamed edamame. When brewed right, it gives a slightly sticky, lip-smacking tea that slides down your throat.


Gyokuro is a Japanese tea with a global influence. Its bushes are shaded for three to six weeks before yield. This denies them from lights that force them to produce added nutrients like chlorophyll to feed on sunlight. This light denial yields extremely tasty tea.


Matcha is a powdered Japanese tea that is enjoying a trendy moment even though its origin is ancient. It’s made with a premium shade-grown leaves like Gyokuro that are manufactured, dried, deveined, and ground. This exhaustive process of making matcha makes it a luxurious tea. The best matcha is frozen to preserve its freshness, which dispels even faster than other greens.


Also known as Dragon Well, Longjing is the most expensive tea in china due to its top-grade quality. Quality Longjing is prepared by hand roasting in large woks to stop the action of the oxidizing enzymes. Careful roosting results to sweet, chestnut flavored leaves with the vegetal asparagus and pea shoots sweetness. When finding the high-quality leaves, look or short and stout with a pale-yellow color.

Brewing It Right

It is worth putting effort into brewing the green tea right if you are spending a good amount of cash purchasing premium green tea. This way, you will make your tea shine. Although there is no single recipe of brewing every green tea, these are some of the crucial elements to consider:

Water; water goes to a great extent in affecting the taste of your tea. Despite how good your tea is, if your water tastes foul, the quality of your tea will be affected. This means if you cannot drink your tap water directly, make sure you use bottled water or a filter when brewing your tea.

The amount of leaves. The more tea leaves used, the stronger the taste of the tea and vise Versa. It is recommendable, to begin with, one or two teaspoons of tea per a hundred millimeters of water for a full-bodied, plentiful tea and leaves that stand up for numerous steeping. You can also prepare using varying amounts to see what works best for you.

The temperature of the water. Green tea taste greater on high temperatures. Japanese green teas have a habit of flourishing around the temperatures of 160 to 170 degrees bringing out a little bitterness that complements the sweetness of the tea. You can also experiment with different temperatures to get your favorite.

Steep times. The best general guideline for quality tea is using more tea leaves for lesser time. Using the quantities stated above, every steeping should last a maximum of one minute. This way, you will be able to get about three to five steeping out of a quality green before it wrung out.


We hope this guideline will help you in choosing green tea and preparing your favorite cup. However, there is no wrong or right way of making green tea. What really matters is that you enjoy the taste of the green tea in your cup.

Japanese Style Bed

Top 8 Japanese Style Bed

When it comes to your home, you want to increase elegance as well as comfort. One way to do this is by buying furniture from a variety of styles. You’ll get beds with designs based on ideas from different countries. Note that, various designs will have their unique features and the way they keep your house attractive.

Among the best models, you can pick from the market is the Japanese Style Bed. These furniture and mattress types are available in a variety of designs. They also feature different manufactures and therefore giving the customers a wide range to make a selection. With such situations, it turns out challenging for the buyer to purchase the best Japanese Style Bed in the market.

Considering the challenge, we devoted our time researching for the best Japanese Style Bed you can purchase from the market. The style beds presented in this list come from reputable designers, and made of sturdy materials. The styles will not only increase the levels of comfort in your sleep but also come with enhanced beauty of your home. We advise that you read through the whole list if you’re willing to learn more about the Japanese Style Bed.

Stella Modern Metal Japanese style bed

Stella Modern Metal Japanese style bed

Another Japanese style bed design that you can pick is the Stella Modern metal frame. Some of its unique features include;

  •        It comes with dimensions of 76” long x 54” wide x 9” depth. Such dimensions will perfectly fit a standard bedroom and leave you room for morning exercises.
  •        Sturdy Structure: the slats consist of thick wood pieces while the frame features a metal building. That makes the style strong enough to hold any mattress. Its design ensures even distribution of your body weight, giving you a comfortable sleep.
  •        Increased beauty: The bed style is attractive to the eyes and gives a contemporary appeal to any bedroom.
  •        The structure is suitable in almost all your rooms including; guest rooms, loft living, studio apartments, modern room designs as well as the minimalist room designs.
  •        Guaranteed customer satisfaction: with this style bed, you got a guarantee of a lifetime satisfaction.
  •        It also features easy to assemble features; therefore, you don’t have to hire an expert to fix it for you.
  •        The style also features a height that is perfect for you to crib in and out without the need to put on much effort.

Modway Aveline Japanese Style Bed

Modway Aveline Japanese Style Bed

Among the essential features that make this Modway Aveline Japanese bed a perfect choice include;

  •        The furniture features a twin rated mattress that comes with quality memory foam support and comfort at a price that you can afford. The bed helps you reduce the pressure around the spine, neck, and head. As a result, it also helps to do away with tension around your shoulders, lower back, and hips.
  •        The twin rated mattress is also CertiPur-US certified. That ensures the bedding is free of heavy metals, TDCPP, PBDEs and is flame retardant. The certification also ensures that the mattress is low on the VOC. It means that you can consider the mattress health-risk free.
  •        The 6” gel infused top layer of the memory foam gets proper ventilated to bring in a cooling effect. Therefore, you stand a chance of enjoying your sleep with no sweats. Such makes the bed comfortable to sleep on during both the hot and cold temperatures.
  •        Modway Aveline Japanese Style Bed features more than 98% customer satisfaction. Statistics show that most of their first-time buyers tend coming back for more. In addition to this, the bed comes with a 10-year warranty. Such a guarantee assures the customers that the product features high-quality expectations.

D & D Cotton/Foam/Fiber Futon Furniture

D & D Futon Furniture

D & D is also another perfect option that you can consider picking from the stores. These are some of the best features that the futon features;

  •        The bedding features a black color that blends well with the decorations in your house in a perfect way. It, therefore, reduces cases of you redecorating the colors you already have in your home.
  •        The futon mattress also comes with dimensions of 80” long x 30” wide x 3” thick. The size can fit in most of your house’s rooms.
  •        The making of the mattress does also feature 90% cotton in its content. That reduces chances of coming with harmful materials in its making including the heavy metals.
  •        The bedding is also easy to maintain. All it needs you to do is buy a mattress cover. In this way, you’re able to keep the mattress off dust and the only thing you’ll have to clean is its cover. You also need to keep it out or near a window for proper airing. That is a technique enough to keep you off the bacterial infections and diseases.

The Manhattan Queen Bed Frame

The Manhattan Queen Bed Frame

Next on the list is the Manhattan Japanese style bed, which comes with a variety of suitable features including;

  •        It fits a variety of queen size mattresses. Therefore, you can consider picking on the size that fits the mattress you have at home.
  •        It features thick wood slats that are strong enough to offer support for your body weight. The slat making does away with the need to have a box spring. In this way, it helps to prolong the life of the mattress.
  •        The frame comes with a modern making that enables it to fit in any of your rooms. As a result, you don’t have to worry about chances of redesigning your bed for the frame to fit in well.
  •        It comes with full frames that makes it soft to touch and also helps to increase comfort while asleep.
  •        The bed frame does also come with an ebony-colored leather coat that easily complements with your house decorations and therefore eliminates the need to repaint the walls.
  •        The simplified design makes it easy to have DIY when assembling or reassembling the frame.

EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress bed

EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress bed

If you’re looking for a product imported directly from Japan, the EMOOR style will be a perfect choice for you. The futon mattress bed features simple techniques most of which consists of the essential futon series. Some of its unique features include;

  •        The bedding comes at a reasonable price giving every customer a chance to enjoy sound sleep at reasonable charges.
  •        The Futon comes at a 2.5” thickness, covered with a firm polyester padding, sandwiched with a soft filling. The bed is firm enough but not hard. It’s a perfect choice for those who have back pains.
  •        The outer fabric is 100% cotton making sure that the futon is health risk-free.
  •        The bedding measures 39” x 83” and therefore can easily fit any rooms in your house.

Caution: note that this type of Japanese style bed is the non-washable type. The advice here is that you consider using a bed cover. In this case, you can wash the cover only when dirty. It’s the perfect way to ensure that you keep the bedding clean.

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Oriental Furniture Queen Tatami Mat

Another style that you can consider the best is this Queen Tatami mat. It comes with a variety of measurements based on the various queen-size beds are in the market. Such include; 31.5” x 78.7” Euro Queen Mat, and the 30” x 80” U.S. queen mats. However, when purchasing the mat, you should make sure to purchase in pairs so as the width of the mat is usually half that of the bed. The mat comes with a variety of features that helps it to increase the beauty in your home. These include;

  •        The construction of the mat features the strong Japanese Rush Grass. It also has a double layer on its top that helps to enhance extra protection.
  •        Its strength and durability get enhanced by rice straws filled with cooked rice. Such helps the mat to last for a longer time.
  •        The mats get sewn using a black fabric border and get bound with twine. Such increases the beauty of the mat and therefore the elegance in your house.
  •        The foundation of the mat features a moisture resistant barrier, keeping it from destruction by the waters.

Matisse Fujian Modern bed

Another great option that you can consider selecting is this Matisse Fujian bed design. The bed features clean lines with two night stands on its sides. Among its great characteristics include;

  •        The bed frame and the nightstands construction features strong hardwood making. That makes the bed strong enough to offer you enough support and comfort while asleep.
  •        It also features an espresso color finishing that complements easily with other colors in your house. The color is also attractive and helps to increase the beauty at your home.
  •        The bed is 26” high and therefore, you don’t need a lot of effort to crib. Also, it measures 91” long x 90” wide and therefore can fit in a variety of your house rooms. That makes it a suitable bed for you.
  •        The bed does also feature a chest drawer and a dresser for you to pack some of your stuffs. It’s a perfect design that you can pick for your bedroom, guest room, modern room designs, or even the minimalist room designs.
  •        The product does also come with a manual to follow and help you do a DIY in assembling the bed.

Note that, the frame is perfect for the king bed mattresses.

BioPEDIC Japanese Fiberbed

Last on our list is this BioPEDIC Fiberbed design bedding. Among the essential features that make this Japanese style bed unique include;

  •        The bedding comes with dimensions of 75” long x 54” wide. Therefore, it easily fits in most of your house rooms.
  •        The making of the cushion consists of 100% cotton, and consequently, it is free of health-risk materials.
  •        It also features gusseted sides that ensure the user receives an end to end support. The cover gets boxed stitched and features a baffled interior that provides a smooth sleeping surface. That helps to increase the user’s levels of comfort when asleep.
  •        The bedding structure ensures that it lasts for an extended period and therefore offers extended services.

These are a few of the best Japanese style bed designs that you’ll find in the market. You can use the links attached to each product for a chance to learn more about the shipment requirement and means. You can also use the links to check on the prices.

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Factors to consider when selecting the best Japanese style bed

When you go purchasing these style beds designs, there is a variety of factors that you should consider. These include;

Durability: if you’re buying a mattress or a bed frame, you need to think how long it’ll last. Go for frames that get made of durable woods or metals. For the mattress, pick ones that are firm enough to withstand damages.

Cotton made mattresses and beddings: you also want to make sure you purchase a bed that is health-risk free. The best thing is to make sure that you select one that is 100% cotton.

Colors: if you buy a bed frame or a mattress, pick a color that easily complements with your wall and furniture décor. A contrasting color will make your room less attractive and appealing.

The size: always pick a size that comfortably fits in your house rooms. Also, if it’s bedding you are buying, choose one that fits in the bed frame you have and the vice versa. Such will help reduce the possible cost of product return for exchange.

Product warranty: check if the product comes with a product warranty. Products that feature a warranty mean that they are of high quality.

Final Verdict

If you need a Japanese style bed, now you have a list of only the best. Consider going through the characteristics of each and make a decision. However, pay attention to the buyers guide for a chance to make a perfect order. I hope that you find this text helpful in your purchase process.

Japanese Cat Names

Japanese Cat Names

Majority of cat owners like putting a bit of creativity to their cat names. Unfortunately, getting a good name takes creativity, patience and time. It is not as easy as just grabbing an idea from thin air. The cat name should be interesting, unique and in some way specific to your cat. One of the perfect means of getting a good name for your pet is looking from foreign languages. Japan is one of the countries that has worshipped cats for decades. It is a paradise of cat lovers with some islands entirely inhabited by cats. Whether you love Japanese culture, you have Japanese ancestry, or you want an interesting name, Japanese cat names are excellent for your new cat pet. Here is a look at the top and most popular Japanese cat names.

  1.      Yuki

The names mean snow. It is hence a right choice for cats with white snow fur of either gender.

  1.      Minto

This is the Japanese word for mint. There are no mint green cats in Japan, but there is a tendency of naming their pets after foodstuffs. Other common Japanese foodstuff names for your kitty include; Miruku (milk), Haru (spring), Kurumi (walnut), Chobi and Kinako. Kinako refers to cinnamon like seasoning obtained from roasted soybean powder.

  1.      Reo/Leo

This refers to a lion or big cats. You would probably love to name your cat after the jungle king.

  1.      Tama

Tama means a ball and is mostly used as a metaphor to refer to the shape of curled cats when sleeping. The fact that Tama is the name of the family cat in the favorite Sazae-san anime has given this name a boost.

  1.      Maru

Maru also means the curved cat connotation referred to by Tama.

  1.      Hime

This name refers to a princess and hence mostly used to name cute female cats.

  1.      Azuki

It is the Japanese name for sweet beans which leaves everything better.

  1.      Sakura

Sakura means cherry blossoms. After all, cats and cherry blossoms are a perfect combination.

  1.      Tora

Some of the kitties look like tigers with brown and greyish stripes. If you love wild animals, this name is one of the best for your cat.

  1.  Kotetsu

Kotetsu or small iron is a minuscule but tough name that is very popular. The name is mostly given to male cats who seems tiny yet tough.

  1.  kai

The meaning of the word goes around masculinity making it a perfect cat name for your male cat.

  1.  Hana

Hana means flower. It is a popular name in Japan, especially for female cats.

  1.  Kuro

Though most people consider black cats as a sign of bad luck, their Japanese name gives them plenty of love.

  1.  Momo

Momo means peach and emerges to be the most famous cat names in Japan

  1.  Chibi

Chibi means tiny and is mostly used to name little kitties.

  1.  Sora

This is a funny name meaning the sky.

  1.  Kouta

The name refers to peace and should hence be used on cool cats.

  1.  Dai

Dai means great or large. It is ideal for bigger cats.

  1.  Mami

The names mean loveliness and are perfect for your lovely cat.

  1.  Tomomi

A cat pet is a close friend, and you would like to name it Tomomi meaning a friend.

Japanese Boy Cat Names

Some of the lovely male cats’ Japanese names include;

  •         Akira- means bright and attractive
  •         Akihiko- a brilliant prince
  •         Hiroki- means ample joy
  •         Ayumu- refers to a vision or a dream
  •         Ichiro- refers to a firstborn son
  •         Jiro- this great name refers to the second born son
  •         Daisuke- a prominent help
  •         Youta- sunshine
  •         Takumi- means artisan or artist
  •         Taki-this name means shining with glory and radiance
  •         Naoki- very honest and strong
  •         Yukio-means, a blessed hero
  •         Masa- refers to the truth
  •         Hotana-this beautiful name means tall as a grain
  •         Isamu- this refers to a bold and brave thing
  •         Haruka- the name means distant and hence perfect for cats that are always daydreaming

Japanese Girl Cat Names

If you have a female cat, there are plenty of beautiful Japanese names to give your cute pet. Some of these include;

  •         Fumiko- means a sexy and beautiful kid
  •         Asuka- refers to pleasant fragrance or perfume
  •         Izumi- a spring or fountain
  •         Chika- this cute name refers to scattered flowers
  •         Yua- it means long lasting and strong love
  •         Noriko- refers to an obedient and lawful person
  •         Mana- it means love
  •         Kimiko – means an honorable child
  •         Tamiko- refers to a beautiful and attractive creature
  •         Yuki- it simply implies happiness
  •         Hikari- it means light or radiance
  •         Yoshie- it is a gorgeous stream
  •         Kyrinnia- refers to a shining pal
  •         Chie- it simply means wisdom and is perfect for a calm and wise looking kitty
  •         Rin- refers to a dignified creature
  •         Kyoko- it means to respect, and several cats are respectable

Japanese Cartoon Cat Names

For cartoon lovers, one of these names might be a good fit for your kitty.

  1.   Afro Ken. This cute dog character has a rainbow afro and is always happy. According to its huge popularity in Japan, you may love to name your pet after it.
  2.   Mario. It originates from a cartoon character in Nintendo gaming that was created by a Japanese game designer known as Miya moto.
  3.   Totoro. The character originates from the movie animation of My Neighbor Totoro. It is cute, silent and furry and most Japanese kids consider it as their role model.
  4.   Doraemon. This is a robotic cat with its animation series in Japan. It is quite a celeb in Japan.
  5.   Jiji. Jiji is a black and beautiful cat character in the movie animation known as Kiki’s delivery service.


It is easy to see why these names made it to the list. These are the best Japanese cat names if you are searching for an exciting and unique cat name that is nonspecific. The Japanese language has many beautiful names that would be ideal for your cat. We hope this article has helped you get a fantastic name that interests you for your cat.

best futon mattress

10 Best Japanese Futons

The Japanese futons combine two fundamental aspects, rich culture, and comfort. The Japanese people are known all over the world for their stranglehold on culture, and in this aspect too, they have not disappointed in the creation of the futon.

The Japanese futon is a simpler and more portable type of bed. Its popularity among the Japanese dates back to several centuries ago. The Japanese are firm believers of a minimalist type of living. Minimalist living means getting by in life with as little possible, and as little as possible does not mean living in poverty. On the contrary, it is managing to live with the fundamental needs of life such as housing, food, healthcare, education, sanitation, instead of leaving in luxury.

Hence, the futon is a simpler version of conventional beds, and they offer the same if not better comfort than western-style beds. Furthermore, its low-key and portable nature makes it ideal for people who like uncluttered spaces and living organically. This list below will recommend the top 10 best Japanese futons in the market to help transform your lifestyle.

  J-Life Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon

J-Life Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon - QUEEN SIZE

The Japanese futon mattress is mostly used to lie on the floor. The Japanese believe that it is a modest way of living, a leaf they borrowed from the Buddhists’ book, who are also staunch crusaders of minimal living.

The day in day out of placing of a futon on the floor can have a wearing effect on it within a short time of use. Therefore, the J-Life Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon was made to offset the effects of aging fast. This futon is made of a premium type of fabric known as twill whose main characteristic is its durability.

The twill is several ounces thick which helps to reinforce the surface and cover the fluffy layers of the cotton in the Shikibuton, which houses the fluffy cotton that act like the mattress. The essence of covering the Shikibuton with a twill is to enable it to stand the effects of daily use. And in this fabric material, the J-life found a very durable cover that can be used for a very long time regardless of frequency of use.

J-Life is very portable. The fabrics used to make this futon is very flexible which makes it easy to fold and unfold, move and store. It folds to up to a third of its original size, making it a common feature in residential spaces with minimal spaces such as boarding houses, hostels, bed and breakfast outlets. With J-Life, comfort is almost guaranteed for a longer time.

Emoor Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress

  Emoor Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress

A stark contrast from the J-life. The Emoor Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress is not as is imposing as the J-life with its intricate cover design and puffy surface. The “Classe” as it is fondly known is Emoor’s best and long-selling (also the best choice of other review sites such as bestmattress.reviews), standard futon the company has ever produced.

Comfort and movability were the main components that were targeted when this relic of a futon was first being produced. The Classe comes with fully-packed soft filings which are arranged accordingly inside the covers to make the surface more comfortable. The comfort is further reinforced by a polyester pad that separates the layers of filings in the mattress. The pad is used to partition the layers of soft filings making the Emoor Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress firmer for enhanced support of your back.

This Futon cannot be washed if you are a person who likes to go all out when doing laundry. Unlike the J-life which can be washed, the Classe comes with an optional outer cover which can be washed seperately when they get dirty.

The Classe is further treated with a special anti-fumigation spray that protects the futon against attack from bedbugs, lice, ticks.

It is recommended for travels and life on the move type of living.

FULI Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon

     FULI Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon

The FULI was designed and produced with the sole aim of fusing the traditional way of creating futons as done by the Japanese, with the modern methods of designing and full-scale production. Therefore, FULI Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon was produced by Japanese craftsmen who had been adequately trained on the traditional ways of making futons and modern designs.

The FULI is heavy-duty and durable bedding that anyone can invest in for their comfort and posterity. Comfort was at the core of the design of this futon. It has three layers of polyester stuffing which are made for extra comfort. With this futon, it can be very difficult to differentiate whether you are sleeping on an actual bed or the floor.

The cover of the FULI Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon is made of 100% cotton. Hence, the smooth surface coupled with the fluffy surface makes FULI the best sleeping surface you can sleep on.

Despite this fluffiness, it is easy to fold and unfold making it very movable.

Single Size Tatami Floor Mat- Japanese Bed

Single Size Tatami Floor Mat- Japanese Bed

The Single Size Tatami Floor Mat- Japanese Bed, has embraced both the past and modernity quite successfully.

In one hand, futons have to honor their heritage in their designing but at the same time keeping up with modernity. Therefore, this futon was designed to serve clients from the young generation while maintaining the old generation client base.

Unlike traditional futons, this version combines American designs with Japanese designs. The Single Size Tatami Floor Mat combines all the features of a conventional futon. For example, this futon is very durable. Its cover is made of authentic polyester which is a durable material to cover a piece of furniture that will be predominantly laid on the floor.

The extra feature that makes the Single Size Tatami Floor Mat standout is its ability to combine the three parts of Tatami Floor Mat into a single pack like the American sleeping bag. It makes the Tatami an ideal choice of bedding to travel with.

The surface is also extra fluffy owing to the foam which is covered by more cotton stuffing.

Emoor 8-Piece All-in-One Japanese Futon Set Leben

Emoor 8-Piece All-in-One Japanese Futon Set Leben

The Emoor All in One Japanese Futon piece consists of a mattress, duvet, pillow and the covers, a pair of blankets for summer and winter seasons. Therefore, it brings with it all types of beddings you could need. Hence, it is recommended for those who are not sure about exactly what they want to buy.

The mattress is very comfortable as it comes with a three-layered surface which is covered with a sizable amount of cotton. The reasonable number of other beddings that accompany this futon underlines the importance of comfort but at the same time curtailing the idea of minimalism.

The futon gets criticized for the baggage that accompanies it, but it is a handy household tool to possess if you are a person who gets visitors regularly.

Hxxxy Tatami Floor mat, Traditional Japanese Futon Japanese Bed

The name of this Japanese mattress might be complicated, but it compensates for that positively in its design and look. The futon’s design is very simple and easy on the eye.

The materials and science behind the designing of this futon are incredible. The material it is made of can soak up water from its surrounding to keep the mattress clean and nourished for use. This process keeps the futon clean and free from pests such as bedbugs. It is also surprisingly thin but very comfortable. This futon is a wildcard; you never know what to expect with it.

Emoor Compact-Sized Japanese Futon Set

Emoor Compact-Sized Japanese Futon Set, you think of versatility and comfort. The Emoor-Compact Futon set comes with a duvet, the mattress, and a pillow.

This futon provides a whole bed experience but on the surface. The pillow is added to enhance comfort. The mat is filled with soft linings. The soft linings are stuffed evenly to ensure the futon is very comfortable. The padding is made fluffier to act as extra protection for your back against the pressure inflicted on your back due to sleeping on the floor. Hence, it keeps your back free of any back aches in the morning.

Versatility is the hallmark of the Emoor Compact-Sized Japanese Futon Set. From the way it is easy to set up, to the way it is easy to fold and store. These components have not even factored how many other roles this futon can execute.

The Futon can act like your bed at night and act as the picnic mat during the day. The padding and the duvet can also be used to accessorize your bed for extra comfort and support.

Colorful Mart Grey Futon Tatami Mat Japanese Futon Mattress

Futons are synonymous with being hard on its user’s back. Of all these 10 Best Japanese Futons on this list, this one was made with softness in mind.

The futon is made of very thick layers of microfiber and polyester which are packed inside the cover making it very soft and comfortable. At first, this can seem like baggage that does not fit the profile of being regarded as a futon. However, at 3 inches thick, this futon can be compressed to a fraction of its original size. Therefore, it is wise to consider that looks can be deceiving when shopping for a futon.

Moreover, it is not stressful to clean if there is a spillage. It simply needs cleaning with a wipe and the stain will be removed. The drying process is also very short, with a few hours on the sun, the futon is crispy dry.

It requires extra layering with other layers of bedding such as comforters to weather effects of winter.

Luxton Home Japanese Shiki Futon Foldable Mattress

The Luxton Home Japanese Shiki Futon Foldable Mattress is a very popular futon, especially in the current moving world. It is compressed nature makes it excellent for carrying to a picnic, reinforcing your bed for improved comfort or using it as a regular sleeping futon.

The futon’s slim feature makes it a flexible piece of furniture that someone should purpose to own. It can be used as a conventional futon by being used to sleep on the floor. However, if you are someone who prioritizes comfort, the Luxton Home Japanese Shiki Futon Foldable Mattress can be used as an extra mattress for your actual bed. It can be placed between the main mattress and the bed frame. This way it acts as an extra mattress.

If used as a futon, it can be an obstacle for someone seeking comfort. However, it provides a very firm surface which can be helpful for someone who wants to correct a back problem.

The Luxton Home Japanese Shiki Futon Foldable Mattress is protected against the risk of contracting infections from the ground by being infused by anti-allergenic and anti-bacterial properties.

Emoor 100 % Cotton Fitted Sheet for Futon Mattress

Futon manufacturers sometimes tend to produce futons without the outer cover. The covers are an integral part of a futon experience because they help keep the futon clean despite being regularly placed on the floor.

However, the “Crown Prince” as it is popularly known, comes with an attached cotton casing which keeps the mat clean. The futon also comes with a pillow and case which resembles the color of the futon casing. Therefore, with this futon, one does not have to bear the extra costs of buying an extra cover for your futon.

The “Crown Prince” is very slim which makes it more foldable and portable. Its design was anchored on the Japanese belief on the importance of minimalism. This futon can be used as a bed in your house, and it still is the bed on your road trip. What is more minimal living than traveling everywhere with your bed?


The main theme that has played out frequently in this futon review is comfort and durability. The minimalist type of living is a compromise in itself. Therefore, it fair to ease the effects of the new life by being as comfortable as possible. The best recommendation for such type of living is Emoor Compact-Sized Japanese Futon Set, but if you want to go all out and enjoy the experience, the Emoor 8-Piece All-in-One Japanese Futon Set Leben is a great place to start due to the many options it offers.

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A House Designed For Cats! Ultimate Kitteh House In Japan!

In Japan, the childbirth rate is dropping so much over this decade and this has been such a big social issue because there are not enough young people to support ever-growing number of elderly people in Japan. I don’t know what causes this but I know a lot of people adore their pet’s like their own children in Japan…maybe this is why?? Pets are better than kids! lol!! I am just joking!! Well, as a response to this trend, some major house builders are coming up with houses that have pets in mind!! For example, Asahi Kasei, one of the leading house builder in Japan came up with this house called Plus-Nyan house. This is a dream house for every cat owner and their cats!! They researched what cat owner wants and reflect that into this beautiful house!! I know it is in Japanese so I will explain a few key features of this ultimate kitteh house!!

I am officially obsessed with those cat houses in Japan… many of you already know, I introduced ultimate cat house from Asahi Kasei before. But this house called “The Cats’ House” is even more extreme! The owner of this house built this fully customized house for their 16 cats and 5 dogs!! The house is so interesting that even Animal Planet came to interview them in Japan! I especially enjoyed their photo and videos on their site…it is really any cat lover’s dream house!! I wish Goma can have a house like this someday!!

Cat door in every door in the house!
Cat door in every door in the house!
Extra cat room hidden under the stairs.
Extra cat room hidden under the stairs.
Cat walk beams that built in open air space.
Cat walk beams that built in open air space.
Cat steps that goes up to the cat walk.
Cat steps that goes up to the cat walk.
Cat house under the bathroom sink.
Cat house under the bathroom sink.
This is the secret tunnel for cats.
This is the secret tunnel for cats.
This is cat only room!
This is cat only room!
The ultimate cat walk!!
The ultimate cat walk!!
The biggest scratching post I have ever seen!!
The biggest scratching post I have ever seen!!

That’s it! I am moving back to Japan now! Are you ready Goma? lol. I hope this post inspires cats lover all over the states!! Be sure to check out the cats’ house for more extreme pictures and videos!! Baizai cat lovers.


Top 6 Best Cat Bed(Based on research from 10 experts, 2019 updated)

Does Mattress Affect Sleep Quality and Health

5 Recommendations for How to Fall Asleep Fast

Some people fall asleep as soon as their head hit the pillow, while others may struggle all night long to catch a wink or two. Whatever the case, because getting the proper amount of rest is a big part of maintaining good health, allowing the body to heal and a controlling factor in a wide range of other benefits to the quality of everyone’s life, when problems in this area do occur it should not be ignored.

Though there are sleep aids on the market today that can aid in helping an individual to fall asleep when they need it, they are not the ultimate solution to addressing these kinds of problems. Usually, what people need is an all natural remedy that will work without harsh and addictive over the counter or prescription medications. Having said this, if you are looking for a way to expedite the timeframe in which you can fall asleep on a regular basis, here are 5 ways that address the concerns of how to fall asleep fast.

Avoid Taking Cat Naps During the Day Hours


Falling asleep at night fast can be eliminated with certain suggestions and recommendations made by people who have had these kinds of sleeping problems and those professionals the medical field that has studied the remedies to these kinds of sleeping issues. For instance, based on several different studies, some of these issues can be traced to that day’s activities. This is especially the case for those of you who like to take naps during the day hours and then cannot fall fast asleep at night. Hence, to avoid and eliminate the effects of these activities, the medical community recommends eliminating these naps altogether. According to studies, when a person naps 2 hours or more during the day hours, they will often lead to experiencing poor night time sleeping too. In some cases, if these habits are not stopped, people may even become sleep deprived.

Monitor the Foods that You Eat Closely

Monitor the Foods that You Eat Closely

Eating whatever you want, whenever you want can be a very costly problem for your sleep behavior too. This is because the types of foods that you consume before bedtime can have a negative or positive effect on how well you rest. For instance, based on a review of studies, a high carb meal should be avoided, while high-fat food is usually encouraged. Particularly, because the effects that these foods can have a huge impact on well you will rest during the night. For instance, if you are eating a high carb meal regularly before night time, you may fall asleep quicker than the norm but the rest that you obtain is not as high quality as it should be. Typically, when these meals are eaten, people do not fall in a deep enough sleep for the body to actually rest well during the night hours. However, when you have a high-fat meal low carb meal, you will find that it actually promotes a much deeper as well as restful sleep throughout the night times.

Invest in Good Mattress Support

Does Mattress Affect Sleep Quality and Health

It is not uncommon for people to complain about the mattress that they are sleeping on, since it may be too hard or too soft to support the entire body properly. In fact, everybody’s preferences for the right or best mattress 2020 for them can be very different from one individual to another. So, each person will need to do a little research first before they can make their investment. Thankfully, there are a wide range of different kinds of mattresses on the market today. Some of the more commonly known are provided to you below.

  • Memory Foam.
  • Gel
  • Water Bed
  • Air Bed
  • Latex Mattresses
  • Adjustable Bases
  • Pillow Tops
  • Innerspring

Make Sure You are Exercising During The Day —- Not too Late in the Afternoon

Make Sure You are Exercising During The Day

You may or may not know that certain types of physical activity can have a big impact on how you will sleep at night. So, it is important to know, however, when it is best to exercise and when it’s not since it can also adversely affect the quality of the sleep that you are getting. For instance, based on research studies, to get a good night sleep, you should make sure that you are during hour high-intensity exercising during the day a moderate routine later in the afternoon. Physical activity is often considered beneficial to healthy sleep because it helps you to relax, as long as you do not overdo it. Hence, if your sleep is not as restful as it should be, it is important that you consider the actual time during the day that you are exercising so that you can address any problems you are experiencing.

Turn Off All of Your Electronics

Turn Off All of Your Electronics

For some people, the problems that they are experiencing with their sleeping patterns are really an easy issue to solve. Because some people who have problems sleeping are common to many, a change in one of two of their lifestyle habits can help them to fall asleep immediately when they make the switch. One of the most common issues that can be changed right away is turning off the electronics in the home. While watching a tv show when you are restless is a way to pass this time, it can also be the predator that is stealing all of your sleep. For instance, some people like to watch TV shows, or play videos and use their mobile phones to surf the net. Even though this can be a good way to fill in the time that you are awake, these things do not allow the mind to wind down so that they can relax.

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best cat bed

Top 6 Best Cat Bed

If you own a cat as a pet, there is a need to make sure that she feels the love in your home. Pets play a big part in controlling our emotions especially when we’re down in spirit. As a result, you want to feel as close as possible with your cat.
For these reasons, there is a need to make sure that you buy the best bed in the market for your cat. The challenges remain to be the fact that these beds are available in the market in large numbers. And this makes it difficult for pet owners to come up with the best mattress for their cats. As a result, in this article, we take our time in discussing an ultimate list of the best cat beds you can find in the market. These include;

1. Aspen Pet Self Warming Cat Beds

Aspen Pet Self Warming Beds
On the top position of our list are these Aspen self-warming beds for pets. It comes with a long list of fantastic features which includes;
  • The heat-reflecting technologies
  • Non-slippery design
  • Lightweight and easy portability
  • And colors that complement easily with your home décor among many others.
The heat-reflecting technologies work by reflecting the heat generated by the cat’s body to circulate the bed. As a result, they maintain warmth and comfort for the cat. The making is also non-slippery, and therefore you can place the bed on all floors without fear of hurting your pet.
It also consists of lightweight polyester materials. As a result, you can use this bed for transportation of your pets from one location to another. The bed is suitable for pets that love to burrow from its 19.5” diameter and the plush side features. You can also consider buying the bed in any of its three colors that are the red cream, brown cream or navy cream. These colors will easily complement with other colors available in your home. The bed is also machine washable and as a result, comes with the ease of maintenance.

2. AmazonBasics Padded Pet Bolster Bed

AmazonBasics Padded Pet Bolster Bed
The Bolster is another significant category of the best cat beds that you can consider purchasing from the market. The brand comes with a variety of features such as
  • The soft fleece covers
  • A comfortable length
  • Machine washable properties among other fantastic characteristics.
The bed will work in a good way for the carriers, crates among other categories of home pets. From its characteristics, the bed making consists of a soft fleece cover that includes a comfortable polyester cushion. These traits work in unity to give your cat the comfort and warmth it desires. It also involves a comfortable rim in which the pets can use to rest their heads.
The bed is available in a size that can comfortably carry a cat that is as long as 24”. The bed dimensions are 22” x 15” x 2.5”. And the fact that the bed is machine washable makes the bed even more comfortable to maintain. You can always purchase this cat bed from Amazon stores from wherever you’re.

3. K &H Pet Products

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed
When it comes to pets’ bed, you need to purchase something that offers continuous warmth and comfort. And this is what this K&H best cat bed is here to provide. Some of its essential features include;
  • Soft foam walls,
  • Electrical bed connections,
  • A removable cover,
  • A one-year product warranty among many of its fantastic features.
The bed offers additional comfort for the cat from its soft foam walls. It means that your cat can comfortably sleep in this bed without any disturbances. It’s also an electric bed that you control thermostatically. It responds automatically to changes in temperature. It maintains normal temperatures and makes sure that the cat is at comfort.
The bed also features a removable cover that is machine washable. Therefore the cleaning process is simple to carry out. The low wattage property also makes the bed be energy saving. The good thing with this bed is the fact that it passes all the tests of MET labs. As a result, the bed exceeds the USA safety on electrical. The brand does also come with a one year warranty, and all failing beds can get returned and or ask for a replacement. You can purchase the mattress from Amazon stores online at any time.

4. MMEOWFIA Premium Pet Bed Cave

MEOWFIA Premium Cat Bed Cave (Large) - Eco Friendly 100% Merino Wool Beds for Cats and KittensWhen you go purchasing a cat bed, you need to buy something that you can consider 100% eco-friendly. And this is the purpose this fantastic bed comes to play. Some of its excellent characteristics will include;
  • The bed constructions symbolize love for your cat,
  •  It can suit cats of all sizes,
  • It’s safe and eco-friendly
  • It features modern designs and technologies,
  • It’s easy to clean and also features anti-bacterial properties.
Everything that comes as a handmade property features a lot of love and works well as a gift. And for this reason, this bed will work as a perfect bed towards increasing the comfort of your cat. The makeup consists of 100% Merino Wool, with no chemicals used during the making process. As a result, it works as a safe bed for your cat, your family and the world at large. In this way, it works well as an ideal place for cats to rest, take a nap, relax, and sleep inside or at the top or plays around.
The bed does also fit cats of all sizes as a result of its spacious hideout. And with its modern design, the bed is cozy, warm and very durable. It, therefore, works as a lovely bed for your pet. It also comes with an additional touch to increase the beauty of your home.
The Antibacterial effects also play an essential role in keeping the pet, you and your family out of infections. You can also consider this bed as a result of its easy to clean procedures. It also does dry at a better rate in comparison to other mattresses.

5. Kitty City Bed for Large Cats

Kitty City Large Cat Bed, Cat Cube
If you own a big cat, you need a bed that it can fit perfectly. And this is the purpose this construction is here to fulfill. Some of its great features include;
  • The bed features a moon style making,
  • It also comes with an easy to clean make-up,
  • It has a spacious room for the cat,
  • And its making features the anti-bacterial properties.
From these characteristics, you can tell that selecting this bed will be a perfect choice that you can consider. The plush pad adds the comfort of your cat when it takes a nap. It also features a retractable pop-up awning that shields the cat from direct sunlight. As a result, the cat can find comfort at any time of the day.
Note that, the materials used in its construction are easy to wash. The cushion can get removed and is machine washable. Such characteristics speed up the cleaning process. The design does also work in a perfect way for playful cats. And with the large size of 18” x 18” x17”, you can use this bed to fit cats at all sizes and ages. Consider getting yours today from Amazon stores and see if works for you.

6. Twin Critters Cat Cave Bed

Twin Critters - Handcrafted Cat Cave Bed
Twin Critter is another design that you can consider purchasing as among the best cat beds in Amazon stores. Some of its most significant characteristics include;
  • • The plan is handcrafted meaning that it carries with it much of love,
  • • It’s also chemical free
  • • It features ultra-comfortable properties,
  • • Even usable as a mat
From these characteristics, you have a reason to purchase the bed as a perfect match for your big cats. Its spacious room offers the cats space in plenty. It, therefore, can fit cats of all sizes. And since the bed is handcrafted, it features in its making much of love. The hand making process also offers you a guarantee that the cat is safe and sound. The good thing with this is the fact that it consists of natural New Zealand wool.
As a result, the making of the bed comes as chemical free that means your cat is always safe and out of diseases. The making also consists of felted wool that makes the bed super soft. The good thing about this ultra-durable woolen bed is the fact that it keeps your cat warm at all seasons. Such a sack is what every pet owner wants to have for his or her cat. And to make this brand even more flexible, it’s worth noting that you can use the bed as a mat.

Buyers Guide

When you go buying these beds in the market, consider always picking on those that are;
  • Made of natural wool without chemicals used in the making,
  • Durably made beds,
  • Spacious and can accommodate cats of all sizes
  • And also with a color that complements easily with your home.
Making your cat feel loved is the best way to increase the bond between the two of you. Consider the above-discussed options as the best cat beds you can find in the market. In doing this, you’ll enjoy the happiness of your cat’s comfort.